Too Smart For Me

words and music by Udo Klopke

„So, one of you is guilty, and I will tell you now who“
Sherlock said, as he walked through the the room
and his chain of evidence began to wrap around our necks

He said he´d thought all night about our alibis
And when he concluded, that one of us lied
the point was reached that the pressure was getting real high

sweat on my face, my collar got tight
He scanned the room with his x-ray eyes
And when he looked my way I surrendered, stood up and cried

I said oooh, you´re just a little too smart for me
I said ooo-ooh, I feel guilty in your company
oo-ooh I start to sweat when you look at me

I saw her sitting there in this little street cafe
She drank some Evian and watched the sparrows play
and the wind carried laughter over the river seine

Chances like this come pretty often to me
So I caught her eye and with my usual entree, I said:
„Hey, Baby! You can stop your search ´cause I´m here“

But she said: oooh, you´re just a little too hot for me
She said ooo-ooh, I might feel ugly in your company

she said you-hou, should be on cover of a magazine
oo-ooh I start to sweat when you look at me

Empty streets, all alone
The mighty party-king is driving home
Now, what´s that stupid blue light, right behind me?

Flashlight shines right in my face
„May I see your licence, please?
What´s that smell? Step out and breath on me!“

But I said: Ooo-ooh, that´s a little too close for me
I said ooo-oooh, I feel guilty in your company
I said, ooo-ooh, this might get a little hard for me