words and music by Udo Klopke

I am not the right to raise your children
I lose my nerves on buying shoes with - you
I don´t want to talk ´bout what I am thinkin´
I drive my car the way I want - to

and I – I am not the easiest one to handle
and I – will cause trouble every day

But if you want soul, if there´s a beat to deliver
that´s my goal, to make your weak bones shiver
yes, I know, you´re kind of hard to move, but be sure
I´m kind of dancefloor-proofed
I am just the right you got to call – if you want soul

I – I´m not the easiest one to handle
I – will cause you trouble every day
I – I am not here to light your candle
I got nothing, nothing more to say