words and music by Udo Klopke

Palace sleeps in the desert sand ,
pale moonlight over me and you
Still you`re lying here awake with me
But you soon have to go cause he `s waiting for you

You were promised long before we met
Sweet desert flower, princess of tales and tunes
But soon your smile will light the day of another man
And our love will be a memory from long ago

So put your arms around me, like only leaving lovers do
Lift your veil so I can see the grace of you
Hours pass like minutes, morning finds us much too soon
We would never be forgiven
So send her my love, silvermoon

I walk alone through the streets at night
With every star that I count I`m just thinking of you
Seems like years since you`re out of sight
And I`m desperatly hoping that you feel the same way , too

I am the sleepless wanderer, the longing soul of every man
I am the seaman hoping west wind comes to bring him home again
To where his love lies waiting, the only love he ever knew
To the sky above he`s praying
Send her my love , Silvermoon,
Oh, send her my love, Silvermoon

I rise from every sleepless night ,
I asked myself a thousand times
What could have been my only love?
With every move and every thought
I`m hoping for the day to come
You`ll say to me I`m still the one
Your cross will be the sign for us
You`ll come with me , my only love

My harnessed horse will be waiting , As I climb up to your room
And with moonlight in your eyes , you`ll say “ I belong to you”
The night will be our cover , unfolds its wings for me and you
Our ship lies waiting in the harbour
So send her my love , Silvermoon
So send her my love , Silvermoon