words and music by Udo Klopke

Now I´m sitting here, counting my wounds
Still can´t believe what you´ve done to achieve, what you want
You might think you´ve been right, but I say you´re wrong
And no matter how you name it the word is out, the damage done

but you keep washing your hands clean pretending
not to know what I mean
but there is nothing in between and you should know this
and all the good the things that you´ve done
melt like a snowball in the sun

Because you´re shameless, that is what you are
you deserve no money, no respect, no cigar
I think you´re shameless, your consciousness is stainless
that´s why I call you shameless, ´cause this is what you are
And I hope you´ll go…down, down, down, down, down

You close your eyes, don´t know what to answer
this is quiet not what you´ve expected me to say
I must have been blind and deaf and dumb for ever trusting you
but you keep washing your hands clean,
pretending not to know what I mean
because you`re…