City By The Sea

words and music by Udo Klopke

When I tell you where I come from, will you listen carefully
You might think it`s nothing special, but if only you could see
Where the early morning`s sunbeams
shine like silver through the trees
and if the home is where the heart is
mine belongs to city by the see

I spent my time by doing nothing, but to complain about a lack of time
Some old dreams, long forgotten became wings in sleepless nights
Where I learned to trust in people, not in money, gear or cars
you say no, it`s not that simple I say it`s just as simple as we are

But I know, I know, that it´s time to go,
and feel the road under my feet
Only time can show, so it`s never or now
Get your things cause now it´s time to leave, oh oh oh oh ooh

As I´m gazing through a window made of days and weeks and years
I see you and me together and the way you made me feel
Is something that I`ll keep inside me, for the rest of my days
yesterday was our tomorrow, but here and now we are,
so come what may


What`s the worth of being famous, flying airplanes cross the land
All your fame and all your money are just castles built of sand
Comes the day when I get old, my knees are tired my mind gets weak
I will lay my body down and hope I´ll wake up in the city by the sea

Life is long for those who worry, peace of mind so hard to find
They can´t see ´bout all the beauty, that surrounds us all the time
But it´s up to you my friend, from the cradle ´til the end
The list of things that really count is not that long